Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: Berries and Burns

"Ooooo, garage sale?!  No, zucchini."

That was my sister, Kimberlie.  We went berry picking Saturday, but of course had our eyes on the look out for cheap junk.


July has been a wonderful month of weekends.  Each weekend is even better than the last!

...due in part to a completely jam packed five days in between of work, work, work, walk dog, work, and work.

Of course Corey is happy.  With the start of track season his weekends are full of handicapping races, yammering on the phone with his buddies, and hanging out at the place to be in the summer, Siro's.

And that leaves me with oodles and oodles of time to myself.  Sure, I get my Corey and Stacie time in the morning; we walk the dog, go to breakfast, shop the farmer's market.  But then he's off and I'm free go wherever the wind may take me.

That wind kept me at our apartment Friday night, but it brought down my two sisters, Katie and Kimberlie, for a girls' night that included nachos, cookies, cookie dough, Super Mario Brothers, an insane amount of giggling, a near fight because Katie accused Kimberlie of trying to kill Mario on purpose, and the movie Black Swan.

Side note: the movie Black Swan is not intended to be watched by those who are easily embarrassed by baby-makin' material.  It is also not intended for those who name Dumb and Dumber in their top 10.

Another side note: nachos are not complete without avocado.

What came next in the weekend looked something like this:
  • berry picking
  • three pounds of raspberries and blueberries freezing until I can figure out what to do with them
  • sunburn
  • excitement over upcoming know, once the lobster color fades
  • playing with cutest 2yr old on the planet
  • sitting in duck poo
  • trying to look excited about ducks while sitting in duck poo
  • dog walk
  • early bed time
  • church
  • birthday BBQ
  • birthday cake
  • birthday presents, including a jar of over a million buttons
  • birthday swim
  • birthday near drowning
  • dog walk
  • clean veggies
  • collapse into bed
  • bad dream
And now I am exhausted.  But, once again, oh-so satisfied. 

Coming up: lots of work, some complaining, one melt down, eating my weight in chocolate, and a partridge in a pear tree.

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E said...

That looks like an incredibly full and fun weekend!