Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Confessions

1.  Yesterday I spent two hours learning about septic systems and "slime layers".  I almost lost my slime layer.

2.  On the very rare occasion when I do turn down a sweet treat and someone says, "You could use the extra calories!" what I really hear is, "You could use diabetes!"

3.  "Die-betes?  Why not call it Live-betes?"

Name that quote.

4.  While flipping through the channels Corey stopped on A&E where they were talking about mobster, Frank Lucas.

"He's my grandpa's brother."

This is Frank Lucas:

5.  Corey likes to tell stories.

6.  I believe them.

7.  While driving home Thursday night I felt a little tickle on my neck.  It was a beetle, but the way I was screaming you woulda thought I had a cougar on my back gnawing on my jugular.

8.  Today is opening day for the Saratoga Race Course, the most historic horse race track in the country.  This means nothing to you.  But for Corey it is Christmas.  And he has not stopped talking.

"Beetle!  Tomorrow when we go to breakfast (at the track) I already know what I'm going to get..."


"First I'll get a muffin, then fruit.  Maybe a pancake."

It's like living with a kid.

9.  But I laugh, because it's cute.

10.  And then I leave for work because I need some stinkin' peace and quiet already.


Happy very, very warm Friday!

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