Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Confessions

1.  Corey got a new toothbrush.  Apparently smearing my plaque and gingivitis all over his pearly whites was just too much to bear. 

What happened to "What's mine is yours"??

Buncha baloney.

2.  I may or may not have accidentally run a man on a bike into a garbage can while not paying attention to where I was walking.

3.  But let's be honest here.  We both know I actually did it.

4. I told Corey I want to have a mother-in-law apartment some day just in case we need to take care of our mothers.  He is thrilled with the idea.

5.  Opposite day.

6.  My weekend looks like this: friend comes into town, eat, practice mouth farts, giggle, run all over the place, big fancy party, practice mouth farts, ballet, breakfast, drive, Yankee game, drive, sleep until Tuesday.

7.  I have a hard time killing bugs.

"Wow, look at the size of that ant!!"

"Jeez Stace, kill it!"

"Oh, no...."

8.  There's a drinking song our favorite Irish band plays, but now that blogging has a hold of me I've caught myself singing, "Link up now!"

9.  I was guilty of telling preggos, "Look how BIG you are!!"  I now know this is not acceptable.

10.  Added to the growing list of my old lady characteristics: I now complain about driving at night.


Happy Friday!!

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