Thursday, July 7, 2011

My favorite things....right now

In order to make up for what is lacking in my posts these days (substance), I'm going to try to feed you little tidbits o'stuff.

This first one is about the junk I really like at the moment.



Farmers market spinach: green, firm and not slimy.  I never knew this is how spinach is supposed to be.

Corey talks in his sleep too: "Hey Corey, you should probably get up, we need to leave soon." "Will you please stop talking?!  You come in here like a hurricane and....sorry Beetle, I'm only half awake."

Trivia night at the bowling ally: if it looks country, sounds country, then it must be country.  I don't care.  I do trivia in a bowling ally and I love it.

Corey's secret chicken recipe: can't tell you what's in it.  Secret.

Falling asleep to Matlock. 

Falling asleep to Matlock via YouTube on my phone when Matlock is not more easily accessible.

Oliver: even though he attacks other dogs because he is a grumpy old man.  This implies there are moments where I don't like him.  That would be correct.  I don't like him when he attacks other dogs.

Buying new pens: I love office supplies more than you'll ever know, my friends.


Until the next tidbit, tah-tah!

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Debbie said...

opps...I still have your pen. Sorry, but I am not returning's really nice. Thank you. Love Mom.