Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Confessions

1-10. I was not aware today is Friday, and although it was a pleasant surprise to realize I am one day closer than I thought to the weekend (which is full of birthday fun in The City) I also had that feeling like in high school when I got to school and realized my big English paper was due that day and I was no where near finished.  To make a long story not quite as short as it could be: I have no Friday Confessions other than that I have no Friday Confessions.

Oh, and that I'm losing followers left and right.  Which means several someones do not think I am as amusing as I do.

Well, we'll see how well they make out in finding a more amusing blog.  What, do they think these things grow on trees?  Are there sooooo many of us out there that they can just hop from blog to blog until they find something that fits them perfectly?!


Oh, so you're saying there are several blogs to choose from.

Welcome to 2011, Stace.


AnyAwkwardSituation, have a wonderful weekend all!


april said...

I'm still here, because you're hilarious! :) Have a great weekend full of birthday fun!

Mamarazzi said...

i am still following and i think you are HILARIOUS i am just not blog jogging as much as i use to because it is SUMMER and i have to work on my tan.