Thursday, October 20, 2011

Big News, But It's Probably Not What You're Thinking...




See?  Kind of a let down?

Well pick yourself right back up because we've got some good stuff to cover.  Ninety minutes of stuff to be exact because the season premier of The Walking Dead on AMC started Sunday night and I am all kinds of tickled about it!

Do you watch the show?

Or do you lean more toward Gossip Girl?

World News with Diane Sawyer?

Everybody Loves Raymond??

I tend to enjoy all flavors of TV programming; this one in particular because the actors are talented, no big names or egos;  it doesn't go off the deep end into sci-fy land with crazy conspiracy theories and aliens; and everything is so realistic from the make up to the plots, interactions and dialogues. 

Bravo AMC.  I now have a genuine fear of standing up after spitting toothpaste out in the sink and finding a zombie right behind me.

Seriously, the odds seem pretty good that one day this virus is going to literally eat us.  And then other people are going to start eating us.  And then you have this world full of people eating people just wandering around looking for more people.

So in this week's episode things pick up where they left off last season.


I don't remember if the band of live people we met last year have a plan or if they're wandering aimlessly to find other people who are not yet dead.

Nevertheless, they are on the road again.  And in 90 minutes I was able to take away the following:
  • Hiding from zombies is possible if they don't already know you are there.
  • Hiding under already dead zombies, while gross, is protection from the ones who, um, aren't dead dead.
  • Churches are using recordings of bells these days.
  • Not everyone is able to get along, even if you are fighting the same zombies.
And then there was all kinds of running and screaming and shooting zombies.  So cool.

Not much of a wrap-up, I know.  But the show was on Sunday night and this is Thursday, and based on what you know of my lack of memory..........

I know, sad.  But I do remember that I liked it!


So amigos, have a fantastic day and I hope you can sleep at night without thinking of dead people.

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