Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Confessions


1.  Part of my vacation (more on that later) was spending a few days with my grandpa and his wife in their home.  During this time I may or may not have swiped one of their remotes in order to turn the volume down.

2.  I also may or may not have had an outside-my-body experience over the buffet food they got down there in the south.

3.  We fed the catfish in my grandpa's pond our leftovers.  Including a Sonic double bacon cheeseburger.

4.  I will probably brag a lot about my grandpa when I get around to posting a vacay recap.  Just a heads up.

5.  I found out Wednesday Corey is afraid of spiders.  He tried to catch one in a mass of paper towels as it repelled from our ceiling but it got away, then he spent the next 10 minutes on his hands and knees looking for it.

"Corey, you are not going to find that iddy biddy spider.  He's gone."

"He's not gone.  Will you switch couches with me??"

6.  I am not afraid of spiders.  Unless they are on me.  The same applies to insects, rodents, stray hairs that feel like spiders, little pieces of dead grass that look like spiders, etc.

7.  At my friend's wedding on Saturday were little pieces of wrapped candy scattered all around the tables.  I stuffed as many into my purse as I could fit.

8.  She said it was ok.

9.  I ate them all yesterday.

10.  My diet starts today.  After my breakfast of one huge helping of oatmeal smothered in brown sugar and walnuts.

It probably won't end well.


Happy Friday to all and to all a good Friday!

Wait, that's not right....


VandyJ said...

I can sympathize with the spider thing. I'd have spent time looking for the eight legged freak too.

E said...

I do not like spiders. We've agreed to just stay away from each other so no one gets hurt. But it feels like the calm before the war. (That's how the phrase goes, right?)

Sarita said...

Southern buffets are a detriment to all diets. I love them! The 1 at Paula Deen's restaurant in Savannah will rock your socks off!