Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: Sales and Travels

What happened here?  All of a sudden we switch our calendars to October and the temperature drops 20 degrees?!  Is this fair??

Wow, what a lovely, warm fall September day this is.

Helloooo October.  I cannot feel my fingers.

My mom, my sisters and I woke up on Saturday, bright and early on the day of the World's Largest Garage Sale, to 50 degrees.  And rain.

Of all days.

But, being loyal bargain shoppers, we went anyway.  Ponchos, rain boots, umbrellas, and all.

For half of our party, the weather got the best of us.  Only two hours in, my sisters retreated to the car to sit with the heat turned up to 90.  Two hours, several purchases, and one soup-in-a-bread-bowl later my mom and I joined them. 

My fingers were so cold and red I could not use them anymore.

I listen to my body's signals.

More on my super finds later, like after I finally show Corey.

One purchase may or may not be well received.

But that's a story for a different day.

After the sale, Corey and I packed up our overnight gear for a trip to his parents' house.  It was a rare free weekend he wanted to use to see one of his grandmothers.  I oblige.  Gramma time is good time.

We sat by the fire, kept Oliver from eating the cats, shopped, ate Italian, ate cake, ate breakfast, ate meatloaf, talked about how lousy the weather has been...your usual family togetherness stuff.

I also stabbed myself with a felting needle.  A through-and-through as I think they call it in crime scene investigating.

"If it was bad you'd be bleeding."

"I AM bleeding!!"


Now we're back to the grindstone.  Busy week ahead of us.  Lots of plans.  Packing for our cross-country adventure.  Worrying over flying.

Yay....can't wait.

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