Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Confessions

Let's get some things off our chests before the weekend, shall we?


1.  I am always finding dog hair in my food, on my clothes, even in my own hair.  But it's the long crimpy ones I worry about.  The ones that come from Oliver's netheregions.

2.  Last Thursday I brought the fixins for a salad to work for lunch because I'm trying to eat healthier.  I brought the greens, a nice balsamic vinaigrette, walnuts, feta cheese, and a red pear.  Then I ate a Ding Dong.

3.  ...and a candy bar.

4.  I have allowed myself to become entirely wrapped up in two reality TV shows: Sister Wives, and Dancing With The Stars.

5.  I want to be famous just so I can be on Dancing With The Stars.  Oh how I love that Derek Hough.

As a friend.  Of course.

6.  I suffer from parking anxiety.  When pulling into an area that has undesignated spots I tend to panic.

What if this isn't where I'm supposed to be?

Am I blocking the flow?

Do I really need to be here??

7.  I also suffer from flying anxiety, for which I plan to medicate myself from now on.

8.  Meaning I am going to be drugged for the six flights in our cross country tour starting tonight.

9.  My new favorite food: meatloaf and mashed potato pizza with cheese and ketchup.  Yes, it is as good as it sounds.

10.  I'm part of a late-twenty-somethings/early-thirty-somethings Bible study on Thursday nights:

"You're not writing in that leader's guide, are you?  I need to give it back to so-and-so."

"No.  But I was drawing a whole bunch of middle fingers."

Just so you know God allows us Christians to have somewhat of a sense of humor.


Enjoy your weekend, friends!  The beautiful Sam Champion tells me we're all in for some welcomed weather!


E said...

Fly safely! I hope the trip is a blast.

Mamarazzi said...

LOL @ Christians having a sense of humor. Word.

dog hair is gross...netheregion hair is grossest.

sorry i am so sloooow getting here, we took off for the weekend and i was without internet. thanks for linking up!