Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Good ol' boy


Birthday: July 15

Age: 6.5  years

Age in people years: 50-ish

Weight: 80lbs-ish

Breed: Golden Retriever

Energy level: high off the charts

Hobbies: sleeping on the bed, chasing balls, peeing on things

Hopes, dreams and aspirations: go for a walk

Occupation: mid-level security: will bark at intruders/guests/other dogs if awake and if they look creepy

Awards and accolades: best dog in the whole world (currently undisputed)

Nicknames: Oliver-dog, Bro Wolf, Boss, Bud, Buster Bottoms


Corey and I got Oliver from a family that kept him locked in little bitty crate in a garage when he was 7 months old and now I can't imagine not having his long, lanky self snuggled up to me at night, panting his stinky trash breath in my face as if to say, "thank you for loving can I lick the rest of dinner off your face??"


pbj's mom said...

How sweet! Oliver is a very handsome dog, and I always love your stories involving his antics.

Debbie said... favorite grandpuppy...that is a golden! Sorry...your sisters may read this. Love Mom.

E said...

I'll allow that Oliver is the best dog I know of in New York, but my parent's dogs are pretty awesome so he can't have the overall title. :)

Who Does That said...

Energy Level: Will somehow manage to leap sideways on you while you run WITH him. :)

SSS said...

This is adorable. It almost reads as if he's written a personal ad seeking a lady friend... for companionship only, of course, no funny business.