Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Survey Says: Run and hide

Thank you all for your responses to my bat quandary.  I especially appreciate the sincerity in which most of you advised whoever might find themselves in this situation to run and hide in the bedroom/bathroom.

But I should be honest with you.  The situation I described wasn't entirely hypothetical.

It was actually 100%....actual.

I was the one who woke up to find the danged thing, I was the one wrestling an 80lb dog to the ground so he wouldn't go and catch himself some rabies, and I was the one who had to find some kind of solution so that we didn't end up fostering a colony of bat babies.

You're not surprised?

I guess I was able to provide a lot of details for a hypothetical situation.

But anyfranticmoment, here's the end of my bat fiasco:

In between rounds of fireworks and moments of panic I decided I should give this bat more opportunities to make an exit.  I had already opened two windows but thought maybe the door would be a bigger target.

One problem: the door is across the room.  As in, in direct line of the swooping.

So I wait.

The sucker starts his route.  Office, living room, office, living room, dining roomTIMETOMAKEARUNFORIT!!!  I shove Oliver in the direction of the front door, I follow and fling it open.  I set out a basket to keep it open and sprint toward my bedroom.

From there I could see the bat swooop around the office.  Every few minutes I'd walk toward the main area of our apartment hoping because I hadn't seen it the poor guy found his way out the window.

But then he'd swoop within inches of my head and I would scream and flail my way back to the bedroom.

This went on for 20 minutes.

Finally there was no more swooping.  I went through the entire apartment, turning lights on and off and making a real ruckus to scare him out of his hiding place, if in fact he was still inside somewhere.  When I didn't find anything I put a check in the win column, shut the windows and door and went to bed.

(Corey was out with his buds for this whole mess...)

This is where I hoped and prayed and hoped and hoped and prayed the story ended.  But....sigh....Corey found the bat later on in the day as he was packing up goodies to take to the Giants game.

It was hiding under a bag in our kitchen.

If you don't like hearing about the demise of any creature (raises hand) you might want to, oh I don't know, browse my etsy shop (shameless plug) at this time.  But I'm not even able to give too many details simply because I spent the entire time the poor bat was being disposed of in our bedroom with my head buried under a mountain of pillows.

But he was, um, eliminated.  And I now live in a crime scene.

So here I just get done saying how I'm glad to leave 2011 behind and then 2012 comes barreling in with terror and the cruel reality of death.  I'd be lying if I said I'm looking forward to what "surprises" this year holds.

But since there still is no way to tell what's a'comin', happy new year and here's to hoping everything goes exactly as planned!!


Lori Anderson said...

I'm so sorry I had to chuckle -- when I lived in South America, our attic had TONS of bats, and at night, when they left the attic, it sounded like bowling balls rolling across the floor, there were so many of them! Eek! And nothing you can do about it when you live in the middle of the jungle.

Kathryn said...

Stupid bat! Why couldn't he just leave when you gave him the chance?? I am glad you didn't have to deal with the "extermination/disposal."