Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Real men improvise

Recently Corey and I had to rearrange some of the pictures we have hanging around our apartment.

I say "had to" because Corey was itchin' for something new.

We got everything all lined up and ready to go on the walls when Corey said,

"Hang on a sec.  I'll grab my tool box."

What he brought out was a box.  Of tools.  A small cardboard box.

My husband has a literal tool box.

(turns nose up) And I bet your husband has one of those clanky metal things.  That is sooooo pretentious.


Sandra Kohlmann said...

My husband has an old desk with drawers full of old Tupperware and cardboard boxes with all his tools and such. You're right. Real men DO improvise.

My real man also sews. Just sayin'...

Debbie said...

Now I know what to get him for his birthday!

E said...

I must be pretentious because I have an actual toolbox. :)