Friday, August 14, 2009

8 days...

Yes. Only eight days until the RSVP deadline.

And I'm still waiting on a few individuals who like to wait until the very last minute to do anything. I won't name names...Mom. (see, i didn't say your name)

Luckily, there are only a handful of people who I will have to hound for any kind of confirmation...Daddy.

But you know, with most of these people I can just assume they are coming, the only problem is I don't know what they want to eat...three out of five bridesmaids and their dates.

And I wouldn't want to inconvenience them with the wrong meal...maids of honor.

So, I guess in eight days I'll start with the gentle nudging...two out of four groomsmen.

And then work my way into suspect interrogation....grandmother.

But it's really in their best interest to send in the response cards. As. Soon. As. Possible.

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