Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Don't EVEN get me started

Sorry to the three readers of this blog, but I am in NO mood to provide you with witty commentary on my boring interactions with wedding vendors or Corey's illnesses. There is anger flowing through my veins. One false move and I just might tell you how I really feel about that outfit.

I admit I am slightly obsessed with Craigslist. What frugal non-germiphobe isn't? I have found everything I would ever need to fully furnish a three bedroom, one and a half bath colonial with attached garage, rose garden, and in-ground pool. I have also found my dream job (dog walker) and a place where I can rant about how awful the bridal shop in Philadelphia was.

As I recently browsed the furniture section, I came across two two-drawer file cabinets I desperately needed to organize future projects in my studio. I learned the hard way that you can't take your time on a steal like this ($10 for two) so I called dibs and went on with my work.

Hours later I find out that "dibs" doesn't mean squat in Craigslist world. So, my file cabinets are gone and someone else is at this very moment organizing their own future projects.

To whoever snatched those suckers out from under me, I hope you drastically underestimate the scope of those projects and the stress makes you grumpy toward your family and they end up going to get ice cream sundaes without you.

So there.

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