Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Baker Wife

See what I did there?  Instead of The Baker's Wife I put The Baker....never mind.

Over the weekend my sister and I went raspberry picking.  For the first time.  Ever.


After fighting bees, spiders and extremely possessive ants, we ended up with over five pounds of berries, and at $3.50/pound we were super psyched.

I took my half and headed straight for the grocery store.  After confirming corn starch is not the same as corn syrup, I went home and began my raspberry turnover adventure.

I made the crust from scratch using my mom's recipe. 

Word of advice: flour has a mind of its own.  And you will not feel it clinging to your hair, cheeks or eyebrows.

Now, the raspberry filling, the most important part of the turnover, the whole reason for it to exist, was a disaster.  How easy is it to add sugar and corn starch?  It's Not.

"Add, that's a lot of sugar."

"Add cornstarch."

"That looks really soupy.  Should I put more cornstarch in?"

"Maybe I need more sugar?"

"Wait, now it's too runny."

 Next, I rolled out the dough (hindsight: too thick), added my soupy berries, and sealed 'em up.

"Crap.  I forgot the butter."

Opened the suckers back up, added butter, resealed.

And this is the mess that went into the oven.

The judges say:

Stacie: "The crust is dense, yet flaky on the outside.  The berries are a perfect combination of sweet and tart.  Exquisite, despite its flea market presentation."

Corey:  "Too doughy."

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