Friday, October 16, 2009

To love is to sacrifice

"When you're a Yankee fan you make sacrifices."  Corey, 7:35pm, Tuesday.

My sacrifice?  Sitting on a cold plastic chair for hours.

Risking frostbite.

Risking foul ball to the head.

Risking near death and spontaneous vomit at the hands of Corey's driving.

Missing a Halloween party and the debut of Hannah Montana zombie.

All of this for..... Yankeesvs.Angelsgame2canIgetaWoopWoop?!!

I guess I'm ok with sacrifices.  But you know what they say...

"When your wife is a huge fan of craft festivals and you just happened to make a mistake in which you did not give her a choice to go with you to the game or go to her much anticipated Halloween party, you make sacrifices."

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