Thursday, October 29, 2009

I. Am. Tired.

The kind of tired like in college when you intend to stay up all night finishing a 30 page paper due in the morning that you haven't even started but instead you stay up all night to see how many of those cheesy peanut butter crackers you can eat before you vomit.
Yeah, tired like that.

You might also say it's the kind of tired like I did a shot of NyQuil before bed...because that's what actually happened.

You see, Corey needs to sleep as much as I do, but with this cough it just ain't gonna happen for one or both of us.  So what do I do?  NyQuil shooters before bed.  The result: restless coma for me, sweet uninterrupted sleep for Corey.

"I thought NyQuil helps you sleep...?!"

Good question.  Love that you're paying attention, by the way.  Ever stay up late binge soda?  Well, you get....full....from the....soda...and you pass out.  But usually you don't wake up refreshed 7-8 hours later.  Without going into the chemistry of, soda...throwing off the biorhythmic patterns, I'll just leave you with this: cough syrup and...soda...have the same restless effect on sleep.

They both also leave me laughing like a lunatic and speaking in tongues, but that is for another time.

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