Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thanks, Lynn, for the wafflemaker.

You have unknowingly given the world (in other words, my 4 loyal followers who have yet to officially "follow" this blog) a small dose of entertainment through Corey and my first experience making waffles...together.

This is how we began:

"What is this??  Where's the Bisquick?!"

Apparently, I hit the one store that does NOT carry our trusted baking mix brand.

"No worries, I found Krusteaz!"

Actually, it didn't quite go like that because both he and I were a little nauseous about using a brand named after the goopy balls of gross we pull out of Oliver's eyes.  It went more like this:

" was either this or Aunt Jemima."

So then began the process of pulling the waffle maker out and mixing up the batter.

"Do we need to grease the thing?"


"Are you sure??"


"Why not?"

"It's teflon, Corey."

My favorite part:

"I'm going to turn it on."

"Wait, I'm not ready yet."

(mix, mix, mix)

"Ok, go ahead."

(wait, wait, wait)

What was the purpose of waiting?  I'm still not quite sure.

The rest was pretty uneventful.  Read directions, re-read directions, read directions again, poured batter, the thing dinged, we ate waffles.

Why are you leaning forward in your chair like that?  Were you expecting more?  Perhaps some major mishap you are wishing upon us just so you can laugh and point your finger as if to say, "Look at those clowns!!  Can't make a stinkin' waffle without setting a dishtowel on fire...HAHAHA!!"?

Shame on you.

Waffles were good, by the way.

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