Thursday, October 8, 2009

Garage Sale Review

On Saturday, I spent five hours looking at all the junk my heart desired, and that wasn't even all the junk that was there.

I woke up at 6am.  This is what also gets me up at/before 6am:
  • fire alarm
  • dog throwing up
  • Disneyland
  • black Friday
Had perfectly shaped pancakes (thanks to dad's OCD) with my parents and sister, drove to Warrensburg, parked the vehicle, began the junk treasure hunt.

My favorite junk? 

Definitely these guys, and there were a ton.  You put cream or milk in their backs, pick 'em up by their tails and they spit it out!  One of them was $125.00.  Yes, I did check the placement of the period.  It was after the 5.
Although I didn't end up with a cream-spitting cow (I had clear instructions from you-know-who to leave the junk there) I did end up with some goodies:

  • a pashmina, with the "Pashmina" tag taped on
  • Christmas present for my's a sssssecret
  • huge bunch of dried hydrangeas
  • a large jar of buttons
  • roasted almonds
  • sausage and peppers

The old keys and pocket watches were hard to resist, but I couldn't think of what I would do with them and that would be a direct violation of the "no junk" policy I unknowingly agreed to upon entering the marital residence.

In the end, it was a successful day.  After five semi-dry hours of meandering through endless vendor stalls I left with half of the items on my list and money still in my pocket.

Only 360 days until the next one.

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