Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Identity Crisis

Hello.  My name is Stacie.

"Hi Stacie."

I am...in between identities.

In 10-13 days the federal government will officially know me as Stacie Lucas, and poor Stacie Dina will get a courteous "don't let the door hit ya....."

Days after that, New York State DMV will make me wait. 

And wait. 

And then they'll know me as Stacie Lucas.

My credit cards.....I think I'll keep them the way they are.

Here's my problem, identity crisis support group, I like my old name!  I've had it for 27 years and I guess I'm attached to it.  I like the way it sounds! (to be fair, though, Lucas is a lot better than a Hershberger, Yoder, or something ending in -oski.)

Stacie Dina was a competitive 4-H frog jumper.  She was a moderately talented trombone player who graduated from high school almost with honors and attended Purdue University.

So far, all Stacie Lucas has done is organize a set of drawers and make some exploding raspberry turnovers (more on that later!).  Not quite as impressive as running across a football field in granny shoes while trying not to knock out your two front teeth with your mouthpiece (more on that upon request).

I guess Stacie Lucas is just going to have to top the feats of her past life, which will mean working hard, setting goals, and eating a balanced breakfast each morning.  Building a successful Stacie Lucas is not going to happen overnight, but it is worth the effort because that is who I am now.

Thanks for listening.

"Hi.  My name is Mark and I like to wear pantyhose."

I think I'm in the wrong group.

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