Monday, October 5, 2009

Nightime antics

I talk in my sleep.  I also mumble, laugh, drool and elbow Corey in the face....while I'm sleeping, of course.

"...the training wheels.....and the pillows have pockets in them!!"

Apparently, I was supposed to outgrow this at some point in my development (thanks for letting me know I'm underdeveloped, Wikipedia, like i don't notice that every single day...but i digress).  Now, I'm part of only 4% of adults who also still talk in their sleep.


My parents must also be a part of this group, because I've heard many stories of their nighttime adventures (...I already regret typing that...ew).  Mom wakes up in the middle of the night checking the walls for bugs, and dad wakes up screaming.  The only thing (besides watching videos of dogs trying to walk with shoes on) that makes me laugh so hard I lose all control of both my snot and my spit is hearing sleep talking stories. 

Try me.  Just make sure you have a mop and parka.

Word of the day: Somniloquy - sleep talking.

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