Monday, June 7, 2010

Looking forward to some R&R

Hi blog friends (read: mom).  I'm back.

Well, I've been back.

I came home from Philly Friday night.  Late Friday night.  Like two hours past my bedtime (11:30pm).

It was an exhausting two days of  shopping, movie watching, junk food eating, and baby tending.

I swore Saturday was going to be a relaxing day.

Then I got up at 6:20am for a full day of garage sale-ing.  Followed by pool cleaning, wedding prep with Liz and another 11:30pm night.

I swore Sunday was going to be a relaxing day.

Then I vacuumed every square inch of my apartment, including the dusty space behind the washer and dryer, completely reorganized my studio and polished my silver garage sale treasures.

Tonight, though, I swear is going to be relaxing.

That is, after I finish polishing my silver treasures, make cupcakes for Macy and cookies for the VBS meeting, fold three loads of laundry, and unpack from my trip.

I may or may not be coherent in the morning.  Just warning you.

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