Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up: Party Time

Oh dear.  Here we go again.

Monday's keep happening.  They just creep up every seven days or so. 

Someone should really do something about this.  I can't keep showing up to work, half asleep, expected to talk to people using complete sentences.  Maybe this day after the weekend should be a hibernation day...

People, I exerted myself this weekend.  Overly.

There was hiking, swimming, 1st birthday partying, bachelorette partying, dessert eating, more eating, more eating, Walmart shopping, more Walmart shopping, and hair cutting.

The hiking was fun, when Corey wasn't complaining.

The swimming was cold, pool was only 70 degrees.

The birthday party was a-dor-a-ble.  Twin girls turning one, shoving fistfuls of pink cake in their mouths is the most precious thing ever.

The bachelorette party was not what you think: three girls barely finishing their daiquiris, scarfing down food, and giggling like idiots.  No tiaras, body shots or hoochie dancing involved at any time.

The dessert eating was doubled.  First ice cream, then brownie.  Followed directly by stomach ache and unconsciousness.

The Walmart shopping is always for those last minute, "oops I forgot to pack pjs and I need something cheap," moments.  And again for, "oops, I forgot to get daddy a Father's Day card."

And finally, I got my hair chopped off.  My summer cut, as my dad calls it.  Which is what we call my dog's haircut.  Of course this was said after he saw his generic "I farted in this card" Walmart card.  Just kidding, his card had an old lady holding up a huge pair of tighty whiteys.  Nothing says I love you like giant underwear.

But I digest.

(hopefully.  i packed a lotta food in there...)

So now it's time to jump right into Monday.  Because a nap is not an option.

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