Monday, June 14, 2010

A Soggy Update

There is nothing funnier than two old men shootin' the breeze in the grocery store aisle between adult diapers and hair dye.

Tied for "nothing funnier," Corey sporting matching goggles and a backwards upside-down visor to help me chop onions.  (The visor does not actually make chopping onions less painful.  He just wanted to out-do me in the weirdest-onion-chopper category.  I had glasses on over my goggles.)

That's my weekend report.

Aside from browsing a craft fair and stealing ideas, nothing happened.

There was no hike.

There was no frolicking in the long grass.

It was a rainy, soggy weekend.

There was, however, pole vaulting with PVC pipe.  There may, or may not, be more on that later.  It was a kind of "what do we do with this pole and that puddle" situation.  You have probably been there before.

Peace out.

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