Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Confessions

1.  Corey and I went to a fancy dinner on Saturday and sat with a mixture of people we did and didn't know.  At the end of the night, we got up to leave and say our good-byes.  Because there were both people I knew and didn't know I ended up telling several of them "It was nice to seat you."

2.  I do not like my bare feet touching any floor.  But when it is absolutely necessary I cup my feet so that I'm only standing/walking on the back of my heel and the tip of my big toe.  I also scrunch up my face as I do this.
3. Panel vans scare me.  I think the driver of each one is eyeing me to see how much skin I have to contribute to his creepy people-dress.  Thank goodness I have the body of a prepubescent boy.

4.  I have a monster of a pimple, so I coated it with pimple cream before I went to bed.  It dried.  I forgot about it.  Then I woke up and walked my dog around town with a big white blob on my face.

5.  And I still walk around with my fly down regularly.

6.  I have a pretty serious addiction to wheat bagels with maple walnut cream cheese.  It was quite by accident that I discovered this combination, but now that I have I can't function without it two times a week.

7.  Oh, and I pronounce bagel as bah-gel.  Like Brita on Community.  I think it's funny.

8.  My dad and I are supposed to recruit 100 volunteers for an event in three weeks.  Panic does not describe what I feel.  Chest pains is more accurate.

9.  I feel obligated to eat food that is going to be wasted.  Even if that means eating food from other people's plates.

10.  I sat at a rowing machine next to a guy on a bike machine at the YMCA.  He was literally sitting in a pool of sweat with more sweat surrounding his bike and even more sweat dripping off of him like he was a leaky faucet.  I...I....I have no words.

On that note: Happy Labor Day weekend!

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