Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Confessions

1.  I have a shy bladder because I hate it when people can hear me tinkle.  So who happens to surprise me as I come out of the bathroom door after I finish my business?  The same Congressman from this post who witnessed me digging for gold in my blouse.

2.  The same congressman who didn't want to hire me last year.

3.  While I was out sick yesterday I had to do some light grocery shopping (sloppy joe mix, hamburger buns, you know, the necessities) and was told upon returning I had gotten the wrong cheese and ground beef.  Truth is, I just wasn't listening when Corey was telling me what to get.

4.  I can't think through the fog of a cold.  So-rry.

5.  My toes look like fingers.  They're long and skinny and I can pick stuff up with them.  If I was more flexible I bet I could put lipstick on with them.

6.  A friend of mine (hi Brendan!) asked why bloggers share so much personal information:  I feel the world should know about my finger-toes, and my shy bladder and the one little hair that grows on the second digit of my ring fingers.

7.  If the world didn't want to know, the world would not continue to read.

8.  By "the world" I really mean my mom.

9.  I've been popping bananas like they're Skittles the past few days.  There's this 5k I want to run tomorrow....

10.  You know what they say:  A banana a day gives you lots of potassium that enters your blood stream through your pancreas and then attaches to your platelets to take it to your white blood cells where it attaches like a shield so your white blood cells can go all ninja on germs and viruses and stuff.

But I digress.

And I have no idea what I'm talking about.

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