Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sick Day

I jinxed myself.  Dangit.

"I catch colds often, but rarely do I get the cough or stuffy nose that usually come with it."

I now have the stuffy nose and all of the achy fun stuff that comes with being sick.

The best part is that Corey is still sick too.  So here we are.  Together.

"Can you help me with this?"

"But I'm sick!"

"Well I'm sick too!"


And when we are sick, we are cranky:

"Can you please stop blinking like that??"

"Only if you stop breathing out of your nose!"

"Well I have to breath through my nose so I don't feel like I am ingesting your rotten trash breath!!"

But I lie.  We didn't actually have that conversation.  Although, Corey does have pretty nasty sick breath that I can smell even through the gunk hanging out in my sinus cavities, and if he washes one more dish in the sink I just might throw something at him.

Otherwise, we're just two sickies hanging out at home, wondering who is going to make lunch and take the dog out to pee.

Tomorrow will be better.

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Debbie said... want me to bring you both some lunch from PJ's?? Love Mom.