Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

In a perfect world I would do work at work, personal stuff at home, crawl into bed peacefully at 10pm and dream of a much younger and sober David Hasselhoff.  But alas, this is not a perfect world.  I have too much of everything to do during the day and crash on the couch at 7pm, unable to even glance at a computer to tell you even an ounce of what is going on in Corey & Stacie-land.  Then I crawl into bed, exhausted, at 10pm and drool, snore, toss, turn, wrestle with covers, fight dry mouth, and dream of creepy crawlies, only to wake up tired, grouchy, and still sick.

On that note, let's jump back into our Tuesday routine, shall we?!

1. Favorite way to travel (plane, train, automobile, etc.)

Anything but plane.  I would rather ride an elephant bare-back than step foot on a plane.  I would rather walk on my hands with luggage balanced on my feet than step foot (or hand, I guess) on a plane.  I would rather eat gum from the bottom of a 3rd grader's desk than step foot on a plane.

I don't like planes is what I'm trying to get across here.

2. Where’s your favorite place to travel to that you’ve been to?
Here's a shocker: Italy!

3. Where’s the place that you want to go but have never been?
New Zealand.  I hear they have hobbits.

4. Do you deal with traffic well?
No.  Way.  I am what some people would call impatient.  Others would call me very impatient.  And still others would say I'm the Road Rage Queen.

But I exaggerate.

5. Ever had an emergency while traveling?
Emergency like leaving the car keys in a hotel room in Vegas as we fly home to New York causing us to be stranded over night at a Marriott in Newark while waiting for Enterprise to open so we could rent a car, drive three hours up to Saratoga to retrieve a spare set of keys, drive back to the airport to pick up the car and drive back home to Saratoga?

Nah.  Nothing like that has ever happened to us.

6. Do you have a passport? What countries have you been to?
I have an expired passport with Mexico, France, and Italy stamps.  Maybe one day (fingers crossed!)I'll have a Canada stamp!

7. Are you light packer or do you pack everything but the kitchen sink?
I don't appreciate what this question is implying.  Folks, is it bad to pack contingency outfits??  I think not!

Let's say weather conditions are ideal for the trip you are going on.  Congratulations, you just hit the jackpot because weather conditions are hardly ever ideal.  Thus the need for several outfits depending on possible weather outcomes.  I call this planning ahead.

8. Do you take the fastest route or the road less traveled?
See answer to #4.

9. Do you do any activities on the road? (like road games, reading, sleeping, etc. )
I do activities that don't make me car sick, like sleeping, looking straight ahead, and not having conversations with others in the car.

10. Use a paper map or GPS?
Neither.  I make sure someone else knows where they are going.

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