Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fun in the Morning

Corey: "Hey, I have a great idea.  I am going to dump a cup of cold water on Stacie while she is in the shower!  Maybe that will make her cold go away!"

Stacie: "Dang, I feel like death.  Especially now that I have been shocked with a cup full of freezing water.  I am going to get whoever did this."

Shower Curtain: "I do not appreciate being thrown open violently, so I am going to come crashing down.  Then I'm going to pout and not let them put me back up on the wall causing the soapy one to stand and freeze while the mad one balls me up and tries to throw me away before being told I'm still needed to finish showering.  Hehehe, oh how I will enjoy watching the clean one hold me up for the duration of the other's washing process!"

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