Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dazed and Always Confused

I am tired today.  Too much Matlock, too little sleepy.

So, it is very unlikely you will get a post today that makes sense.

But what you will get is some kind of rambling resembling what I gave Corey last night after he came in the bedroom to go to sleep.  I was already asleep and stirred by the door opening, the dog moving, or the neighbors doing the deed, again...I can't remember which one.  I may or may not have said something mean about being woken up or I could have just laughed my creepy nighttime laugh before falling back asleep.

The damage, however, was done.  My REM cycle was interrupted.  I hate it when I don't get enough REM zzzz's because then I'm a zombie.

Do you know how hard it is to drive as a zombie?

Don't tell my mom, but I literally do not remember getting from one point to another.

Um, don't tell local law enforcement either, please.

Duh, Stace.  Throw a cup o' coffee in your belly.

Coffee usually does one of three things for me:
  1. nothing
  2. gives me a headache
  3. makes me a super jittery spazoid
None of which will help me in a no-lights-in-the-attic situation.

That reminds me, only four weeks until the World's Largest Garage Sale!!

Why in all of Persia would coffee remind you of a stinkin' garage sale??

That's the World's Largest Garage Sale, thanksomuch.

Well, I spaced out for a sec and found myself gazing at my calendar, and my calendar is the kind where you have three months showing, one month stacked right on top of the other and you can just tear off a sheet at the end of each month, actually you tear three sheets because there are three months showing, like I said, so here I was looking at this calendar and I realized I tore off a July sheet and an August sheet but not a September, that left me with August, September and September showing, and I so I ripped off the second September to show October and that is when I realized October is almost here, relatively speaking, er, typing, and in October is the best garage sale in the entire world.

Glad you asked?

I feel zombie-time coming again. 

Peace out.


Erin @ Sassin' Southern Style said...

I can't really do coffee, either. It makes me cranky and past co-workers tell me I'm not allowed to have it b/c it makes me a tad snippy. Oops.

Who Does That said...

I cannot wait until Warrensburg!