Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Confessions

1. I love having the hiccups. They're like funny little practical jokes from my body.

2. Corey and I went to visit his grandmother, Louise, for her 97th birthday on Sunday when we both still had our colds.  When she walked in the door she eyed me with her good eye:

"Who is that?"

"It's Stacie, Louise."

"You Stay Away From Me!"

And then she whacked Corey with her cane.

3. I am afraid to cough in front of others because I sometimes chicken out and force out a fake cough that sounds like AHHRUUUN. This happened to me once in one of my college classes and I've been psyched out ever since.

4. Corey put together a massive brownie sundae for me with a chocolate cookie instead of a cherry on top. I gave my typical, "Ohmigosh this is too much!! I simply cannot eat it all!" and then ate the entire thing. This was after he served dinner of a similar size. Which I also consumed entirely.

5. Because you're probably now wondering, when we don't have a dinner planned Corey likes to whip up things for me. I rarely force him to.

6. My mom turns 50 on Wednesday and to surprise her my sisters, dad, and I flew in her sisters and her dad from all over the country. When this posts, she will be just finding out.

7. I love being all sneaky.

8. Since I've been under the weather I've been neglecting my morning dog walking duties. So when Corey's alarm goes off at 6am poor Oliver gets up, stares at me for a minute or two, then when I show no sign of getting out of bed he curls up in a ball and lets out a long dramatic sigh of disappointment.

9. When I run I sing the apples and bananas song to pass the time:

I like to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas...

10. But I don't run anymore...

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