Thursday, January 27, 2011

Comfort is a dish best served with mustard

We've had a request here at Corey & Stacie.

A request for a certain topic to be covered.

One that this particular reader feels is not touched on as much as it should be.

A topic on the awesomeness that is Corey.

And that request came from Corey, himself.


"Hey Beetle, is there gonna be a blog post today?"


"Do you have something planned?"

"Not yet."

"So you don't have something already scheduled?"


"You should write about how I made you dinner."

"You serious?"

"Yeah!  I make stuff from Food Channel for my beetle!"

"Um, sure."

"Tell them I made a homemade raspberry sauce!"



This was all said through a shower curtain, I should add, not over Wheaties and coffee as you probably imagined.  But don't go back and try to imagine it.  Trust me, it was as funny as it sounds.

And it was cute.  Kind of a childlike excitement, he was so proud of himself.  So I oblige:

Yes, Corey made us dinner the past two nights.  And dessert.  Which was very welcoming to me as I have been a tad down in the dumps over work stuff, future stuff, and the end of the world as we know it.

But I digress.

He's been watching a lot of the Food Channel recently, even a little Barefoot Contessa (whom he claims to not enjoy, but watches anyway..."I like the food," he says.  He does, however, draw the line at Rachel Ray.  As he should).  His favorite: Diners, Drive Ins and Dives with Guy, Guy Fior....the guy with the spiky blond hair.  It is Guy who inspired Tuesday's meal of a burger covered in chili and cheese.

To Guy F. I say, Thank You.  Because it was stinkin' awesome!

Last night it was our comfort food staple: tator tots covered in cheese, a meat sauce, ketchup and mustard.  No inspiration.  Just taking super good stuff and mixing it all together.

No big whoop, I make junk like this all the time.

Well here's the kicker, my friends, the piece that puts Corey above those of us who just make junk: he was home sick both days.


...wait, so you ate food that was probably tainted with cold germs?

Um, yeah.  I guess I did.  But heck, if I was gonna catch it, I was gonna catch it.  Besides, how could I have turned down a meal planned to make me feel better from someone who should have been in bed trying to make himself better?!

The best part is next.  He bought fresh raspberries.

While still sick.

And he made a sauce.

That he put over chocolate ice cream.

And cheesecake.

I die.

Almost literally.  I thought my stomach was going to explode.  But I ended up surviving and digesting and swearing off all things greasy and sweet.  That is, until lunch time today.


So that's my story.

The hubbs takes good care of me when I need a pick-me-up.

And it works.

Until he comes over and farts in my face.

So maybe he doesn't quite get all aspects of soothe and comfort...

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Debbie said...

Awe...that's my son-in-law! Going for the points just like his father-in-law taught him! Love it! Happy wife Happy life...a motto for men to live by!