Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just a Few Things To Chew On

A few quick notes because I'm having a hard time with complete thoughts:

  1. After crawling under a blanket a few nights ago with Corey to watch some Food Network nonsense I hear a roaring fart immediately followed by, "Don't worry about that, Beetle."
  2. This morning I stepped outside and said to myself, "It smells like a nail salon."  And then I said, "Boy it's warm out here."  It was 30 degrees.
  3. I spent about 10 minutes yesterday after work chipping at ice that formed on all the windows of my car.  Chips of ice went down my shirt and in my eyes and I was cold.  For this I felt I deserved six cookies.  Three cooked, three raw.
  4. I am currently wearing the frumpiest combination of clothes I could ever have come up with.  A room full of monkeys could have done better with me.
  5. However, I don't believe a room full of monkeys could come up with some Shakespeare.  Just so we're clear.
  6. I want to see Justin Bieber's movie.
That's all.  I have no more thoughts.

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