Thursday, January 6, 2011

Poop Shoots and String Cheese

Weird day, today.

I woke up to a Facebook friend request...wait, first I woke up to a splitting headache. 

This only happens when I am abruptly woken up in the night.  And I am usually only woken up by Corey trying to show me a segment of Animal Planet where a cat takes the train to the zoo every day or the dog is making that "gagoo, gagoo..." sound before he yaks yellow goo all over our carpet.

Last night happened to be the later.

Yeah, I know.  I just threw up in my mouth, too.

But anyway, I woke up to a Facebook friend request from a guy who went to school with my parents.  I only know this because when the name didn't look familiar I stalked him.

But let's face it, I don't need much of a reason to Facebook stalk.

So here is a guy asking to be my "friend" who is twice my age and knows nothing about me other than that I share a last name with a guy he may have spoken with twice in high school and that I'm hot.

(Corey just rolled his eyes.)

(My mom probably did too...)

Needless to say, I ignored him.

Then I go back to sleep for another two hours (headache, remember).  I eventually get myself up, showered, fed and off to work.

Where I am greeted by pictures of a coworker's colonoscopy.

"See that spot there?  It's diverticulosis."

"Hmmm, wouldya look at that."

This is followed by a conversation on gynecologists and a snack of string cheese.

What could possibly be next.



Nope, my zipper is definitely in the up position today.

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Mamarazzi said...

umm...hilarious is not an adequate enough word to describe this. you kill me.


i. die.