Monday, January 3, 2011

Change is a Nasty Green Monster

This is Day One of my new wellness plan.

A plan that has me eating the things my body needs instead of wants.

A plan that has me moving and exercising.

A plan that addresses all aspects of my well-being in an effort to give myself happiness and longevity.


I am stinkin' mis-er-a-ble.

This morning I started out at 5:45am, read my Bible, did a little devotional, put on my running gear, ran until my shins hurt (11 minutes), powered up Wii Fit, let it remind me I missed my last goal, set new goal, cooked some eggs, took a shower, got pretty and drove to work.

And for not one second did I think this whole stupid plan was a bad idea.

Fast forward two hours to my usual snack time.

Wow, It's only 10:30, huh?


Whaddya know, I left those new pretzel M&M's sitting on my desk when I left Thursday.  Boy do they look good.

... Rolodex is starting to look like a ham sandwich.


I'm, uh, pretty hungry.


Is it normal to see stars?!


My''s....digesting itself!!




After eating my purse straps I feel a little better.  But I'm starting to doubt the diet portion of my plan is going to work:
  1. Stop eating so much sugar: it's not necessary, and my pancreas has actually told me it needs a vacation.
  2. Follow portion guides: a scoop of cheesy potatoes the size of my head is not accurate.
  3. Avoid cheesy potatoes.
  4. Knock of the carbs, already: I can't seem to eat a meal without at least 45 grams.  My job is nearly sedentary so all those sugars are settling into my seat-meat, putting their feet up, and preparing for a long-term relationship.
  5. Eat veggies everyday.
  6. Give myself some cheat treats: because Lord knows I will not make it if I cut out everything.  That means I'm havin' myself a tortilla with my eggs tomorrow.
It doesn't seem that hard, but when your stomach is growling at 10:30 in the morning, the same time you normally have those little round crackers with the peanut butter in the middle, you just want it to stop and you are almost willing to do anything to stop it.

Like eating those little round crackers with the peanut butter in the middle.

Today I was strong.

But I don't know how I'll do tomorrow....

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