Thursday, January 20, 2011

Zombie Update

I have a bit of good news and bad news.

And I'm assuming if you're still with me after reading the title you're down with this weird zombie craze.

Either that or you're new here and wondering if I'm documenting my progress into Zombie-ness.

I'm not.  Zombies aren't real. 

No matter what AMC says.  Which is what I'm getting at here.  Remember that little show I instantly became obsessed with, The Walking Dead?  Well about a billion other people are uber obsessed weirdos too and season two is scheduled...Woop Woop!

But now for the bad news: it won't be on until October.

Anguish.  Pure anguish.

But I exaggerate.

Below are my episode wrap-ups.  You'll want to know what's going on before October.  Trust me:

Uh oh, Zombies commin' to camp

Movin' on up, to the CDC

Explosions 'n stuff

These are expert reviews.

You're welcome.

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