Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Confessions


1.  I went to the eye doctor this morning and walked out with a sample pair of contacts on my eye balls to try out for a week.  After going exclusively glasses for four years I am now finding myself still trying to push them up the bridge of my nose.

2.  Would that be "phantom glasses"?

You know, like "phantom limb"?

Bad taste, Stacie.

3.  It's kinda like in college when I finally took out my nose ring but kept sticking my thumb up my nose anyway to make sure the screw part wasn't sticking out.  Finger in nose with nose ring: normal.  Finger in nose without nose ring: weirdo booger picker.

4.  Why, yes I did almost drop my phone in the toilet last week.

Thank you for reminding me.

5.  I made a habit out of accidentally dropping important things in toilets several years ago; underwear, bunny tails, etc.

6.  For some reason my headlights are not lasting more than a few months before burning out.  Yesterday while circling a parking lot an old man passing me motioned for me to roll my window down:

"Your headlight is out."

"Oh, I know.  Thank you."


"Um, ok...."

7.  People in this area a very serious about headlights.  I would like to say this is the only time I've been yelled at by strangers for this reason.

8.  Last year a disabled couple I let cross the street in front of me turned around and with their gums clenched told me in so many words to get myself to the nearest auto repair shop and have my dead bulb replaced immediately.

9.  Tomorrow I send out a package of my favorite things to my blog swap buddy Jen.  Like me, she has a blogAnd she writes goofy things.  I'm half expecting to get exactly the same things in return.  Which would be more than alright because if I'm sending her my favorite things and she's sending the exact same things I would then be receiving my favorite things.

It's simple mathematics.

10.  Two-for-one confession: I gave up sweets for Lent but am having an ultra-blech week so I broke down and ate two small pieces of a giant chocolatey chocolate, heavy on the chocolate, cake.  Perhaps a slight punishment from above, the little leftover piece of frosting I just could not finish smells like feet and armpits.



Have a lovely weekend and may all your dreams come true!


Josh and Jennifer said...

I sent your package out today too and I loved every single thing in there. Seriously, I need to pick a few of those things up again for myself :) You should get it around Wednesdayish.

I adore your weekly confessions lol. Totally my sense of humor!

E said...

I love that bunny tails falls under your list of important things.

Laura Carson said...

Oh yeah, I could so totally see the cake getting in my belly. :( So sorry - though the feet and armpit smelling frosting cracks me up.

Totally... phantom glasses. I do it too occasionally. I wear contacts and find myself messing with my missing glasses. Or sometimes I'll go looking for my glasses only to remember I'm already wearing them.

sarita edgerton said...

You crack me up! I follow blogs that make me laugh out loud! So I am your newest follower! Hopping over from Mamarazzi! After LASIK surgery, I kept trying to push my glasses up as well! I got over that after a while! You will too!

Mamarazzi said...

oh you kill me. i know i say that every week but really, you just make me laugh...a lot.

i totally get that whole glasses thing. i wore mine for a year after only wearing contact lenses since age 11. i actually had the opposite thing happen though, i kept knocking them off my face because i would feel something and would think it was a bug or something...they would go flying.

sorry i am late getting to confessions. my internet was being poopy this weekend and i could not get blogs to load, so i gave up...until now!! Thanks for linking up!!