Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up: a Murder Mystery Weekend

Here's a whopper of a weekend wrap up for you:

I did a play.

And then I did a play.


And now it's Monday again.


Yes, for me as well.  But this amazingly complicated schedule took its toll and I was falling asleep at 7pm last night.  Sunday night.  As in the night I revive my very real fear of zombies taking over the world.

So I woke myself up by diving into a very exciting pile of laundry until my show started at 9pm.

For the record, I am not happy about Dale's departure, however if he had to go the show's creators could have at least let him become a zombie and take Shane out with him.

I'm just sayin'.

But what was I really saying?

Yes, weekend show....yes.

Here is the synopsis of Murder at the TonyLou Awards (and my life for the past 7 weeks):
  • guests arrive for cocktail hour
  • celebrities arrive on red carpet
  • interviews
  • "who are you wearing?"
  • dinner
  • mingle with celebs
  • sinister laughing
  • flubbed lines
  • awards
  • flubbed lines
  • awards
  • sinister laughing
  • someone dies
  • "whodunnit?"
  • "she/he dunnit"
  • bow

We do, actually, present more of an exciting write up for the press and for those who are, you know, interested in coming.  You, my friends, get the Reader's Digest version.  But this is what we do, and we'll do it next weekend, the weekend after that and the Friday after that.

And then, you'd better believe it, I'm taking myself a full-day siesta.

Don't even bother me unless my eyebrows are on fire. 

In that case, put 'em out quick so I can get back to Matlock.

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Josh and Jennifer said...

I would LOVE to go to a Murder Mystery!!

Did you get your package yesterday? It should be here by today, at least. I really hope it will be!