Monday, March 22, 2010

And the winner is....

Hey, remember my little quiz?  Yeah, I kinda do, too.  I guess I should give the answers.  My mom won by default...although she did get a little snarky.

We ALL said 30 minutes, Mom?  Really?

And only Corey commented on cinnamon-sugar?

Might we be showing some favoritism here, Deb?

Just for that you have to watch my 70 pound monster for one more day.

More answers:

1. "It smells like pneumonia downstairs." Corey.  Our downstairs neighbor brews his own beer (and makes a mean egg nog, but I digress) and upon entering the foyer of the building Corey noticed a "clean" smell he could only attribute to "pneumonia."  He meant "ammonia."  It was cute.

2. "He was a 5th year senior." "He was a senior for five years?!"  Kimberlie.  This came from a conversation she had with a friend about another friend.  She was astonished it took this person five years to finish his senior year. 

3. "We don't have cinnamon sugar." Corey, Kimberlie.  Trick question, I know. 

4. "(reading) Waterproof for it's water proof for 30 minutes."  Kimberlie.  Is this really funny?  I, along with my mom, aunt, uncle, and cousin literally rolled around on the floor for 20+ minutes, but that was after pre-wedding-anxiety-reducing cocktails and a card game that was less about the cards and more about being silly (mom dealing cards: "These cards are making me dizzzzy...") so we were already primed.

5. "Boy did I have to pee." "You emptied your uterus?"  Corey.  Said this at a rest stop on the way to the Giants game.  Was this before or after he went into the women's bathroom?  Oh wait, that was at the airport in Charlotte on Thursday.  More on that later.

6. "(upon shutting coat in car door) Wait, wait, my coat's on fire!!"  Kimberlie.  Not much more to explain.  I was taking my sister to school, it was Kimberlie's turn to sit in the front seat and we were in a hurry.  We all jumped in the car, shut the doors, and sped down the driveway.  That's when she realized in a panic that her coat was stuck in the door.  This makes me laugh in the same way sleep talking does.  Of all things she could have said, like 'my coat is stuck in the door,' or 'hang on, my coat is stuck in the door,' the first thing on her mind is that the thing is on fire.  This gives me snort chuckles to this day.

7. "If half of the world is light, what is the other half?" "Heavy?"  Kimberlie.  This is an old one.  It came when she first started her period of deep thinking.  Hey Kimberlie, what does 'philosophical' mean?  Still 'very soft?'

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