Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Just a thought

Is it just me, or are musicians running out of things to sing about?

I have to think when guys start singing about how much they like a girl and they pair her attractiveness with the fact that she does her taxes we have either covered every other aspect in which one can like another of the opposite sex or there has been a shift in what exactly is considered attractive.

"Hey girl, I buy my milk at the grocery store, and you do too.  I like that.  Yeah."

"You know I been thinkin' aboutcha.  Dressed up in yo footie pajamas.  Oh ohhhh."

"I saw you the other day.  Walkin' yo dog.  You picked up his poo.  You know thas right, girl."

What is this world coming to?  Our role models are now telling us to like each other based on merits that have nothing to do with the junk we may or may not keep in the trunk?

Oh happy day! For you, of course. Upon landing my man I happily embraced my frizzy hair, pimple cream and bathrobe/reverse-Snuggie in order to focus on laudable attributes such as patience ("you are getting on my nerves, therefore, I must work hard to not smack you right in the face."), perseverance ("this painting is *!@#, but I am not going to throw it out the window, instead I will try to make it look less like a pile of vomit and more like a self-portrait."), compassion ("yes I will get you a glass of water even though you aren't that sick and should be able to get it yourself."), and kindness ("here is your sandwich, soda, and the remote.").

This is what I call character development, ladies.  Apparently having some is cool now.

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