Monday, March 15, 2010


Florida, here I come...on Thursday.

But I am right on track with my trip planning doodies...I mean duties.

Monday: worry about flying, tell myself I am not packing a lot this time, worry about flying, start thinking about what I want to pack, plan walks on the beach, museum trips, shopping trips, ambitious home-cooked meals.

Tuesday: worry about flying, pull out clothes, make sure they fit, make lists of toiletries to bring/buy, worry about flying, make more lists, worry about flying, worry about flying.

Wednesday: minor panic attack while worrying about flying, lay out outfits, one for nice dinners, one for casual dinners, one for each morning walk on the beach, one for a trip to the zoo, one for laying out by the pool, and shoes to go with each, another panic attack with mild sweating, check and re-check toiletries, purchase travel sized everything.

Thursday: major panic attack and loss of motor function, pack travel bag, unpack travel bag, add emergency outfit, re-pack travel bag, faint, eat/drink everything in the fridge that is set to expire, vomit, drop dog off with folks, drive to airport, forget something important, cry.

Thursday 2pm: board plane, cry, sweat, shake, cry, sit, buckle, cry, shake, dig nails into Corey, shake, panic, sleep.

Thursday 7pm: arrive in Florida in one piece, tear up ambitious schedule.

Ahhhh, I just love vacations.

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Debbie said...

I am exhausted just reading this blog!