Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sick and, seriously

Here’s a little known tidbit of info about me that might blow your socks off: I over-extend myself. Wow, typing that was almost therapeutic. No. Therapeutic would be if realizing I do this would somehow put an end to it. But it won’t.

I don’t feel good. I am run down. But just enough to make my head all foggy, my body achy and my throat a little sore. Just enough that I am able to work, but I will be miserable and unproductive all day. Maybe even all week. I guess this could be the beginning of the nasty flu making its rounds here, but since I never seem to catch these kinds of bugs I’m not yet planning a weekend of chicken soup and America’s Next Top Model marathons.

But there was that one time…remember swine flu?  Yeah, me too.

I am very grateful, though, my body waits to knock me out until I actually have time to rest. Or maybe I’m grateful that I am able to ignore its signals. “What’s that? I used up all my energy? Ok, one more mile, three hours of rehearsals, 30 minutes of driving, 30 minutes of next-day prep, and then I’ll go to bed.”

So right now, as I whine about feeling crappy, I am mentally planning my next project to coincide with four others I already have scheduled/agree to.

I will never learn.

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