Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Whose line is it

Because it's Tuesday, and because blog time is competing with worry-about-flying time, and because I take great pleasure in making fun of people I love we are going to do something fun.

It is now time for the "Say Wha...!?" Quiz!!!


Corey and my sister Kimberlie are actually very smart.  They just say dumb things.  And lucky for us, they have a good sense of humor, which is why other family members and I can point and laugh for several days and then I can post and relive the moment for potentially millions (yet in reality, four) other people without the threat of a knuckle sandwich.  Lucky.

How this thing works:
I'm going to list an honest-to-goodness quote, straight from the mouth of either Kimberlie or Corey and all you have to do is guess which one you think said it.

The prize for the person who guesses correctly (my mom) will receive Oliver for the weekend while I'm in Florida.  Yay!

Here we go.

1.  "It smells like pneumonia downstairs."

2.  "He was a 5th year senior."  "He was a senior for five years?!"

3.  "We don't have cinnamon sugar."

4.  "(reading) Waterproof for 30m....so it's water proof for 30 minutes."

5.  "Boy did I have to pee."  "You emptied your uterus?"

6.  "(upon shutting coat in car door) Wait, wait, my coat's on fire!!"

7.  "If half of the world is light, what is the other half?"  "Heavy?"

Good luck to all four of you.  Results will be posted when I get around to it.  Don't forget, I am currently a panic stricken, unreliable, flight-o-phobic, basket case.  We are all lucky I am still able to control my constitutionals at this point.  Sorry, TMI.

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Debbie said...

1. Corey; 2. Kimberlie, 3. Corey, 4. All of us!, 5. Corey, 6. Kimberlie, 7. Kimberlie