Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cinnamon Bun Pancakes

I do believe I mentioned cinnamon pancakes on Wednesday.  But to the best of my knowledge I cannot figure out why I stopped short of saying how awesomely cinnamony and delicious they were.

Oh wait, I was sharing a Corey blunder. Yeah, that is important.

Well today I'll do the opposite.  I'll only briefly mention our light bulb conversation:

"Oh, the light's not working."

"Yeah, it went out yesterday."

"How do we fix it?"

"Um, we change the light bulb."

And spend the rest of my time talking about the pancakes.

First, let me clear something up: I do not enjoy cooking.  I am bad at it.  Something always goes wrong.  So when I do settle myself into the kitchen it is because I have found something with enormous potential and worth the hassle of at least two do-overs. 

I found the recipe on Ree Drummond's Pioneer Woman website.  If you don't know who she is you've been living in a box.  And I mean that in the nicest, most brutally honest way.  She's the country gal who talks about calf nuts one day and cauliflower soup the next.  It's no nonsense, fill-up-ma-cowpokes kind of cooking.  Full of heft, butter, and calories. 

Here is an indication of exactly how good these pancakes are, I just had a minor freak-out session when I couldn't find the recipe on P-dub's blog.  And when I say freak-out I mean I got really whiney and grumpy and thought of one irrational solution after another:

"I could Google cinnamon pancakes and go through 2 million hits until I find them..."

"I can 411-search PW, call her, and demand she email me the link...and send an autographed copy of her cookbook...."

"I can drive to her house in Oklahoma and wait on her doorstep until the cows come home (literally)...."

Luckily, I found it.  Cinnamon Bun Pancakes.  They are everything the name claims: all that you love in a cinnamon bun mixed with all that you love in a pancake.  It's a marriage made in All My Children, without ex-girlfriend, step-dad, mom trapped in a hole drama.

But what is a cinnamon bun without it's icing?  I'll go further, what is a cinnamon bun pancake without its maple syrup icing?

It is just a pancake.

Therefore, I implore you, please do not skip the icing.  Not only will you miss out, but you jeopardize my reputation as an uncredited, unsolicited, unpaid reviewer of Pioneer Woman recipes.  And that is no way to thank me for sharing with you the secrets of the last pancake you'll ever want.

So, I will leave you now to your drool and imagination.

You're welcome.

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