Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Confessions

Happy Friday!  This time I knew it was coming.

1.  One day at work a few years ago I was elbow deep into my shirt fishing out a piece of granola that had fallen in when the super handsome future congressman walked in the door to meet with my boss.

2.  When I was younger our neighbors had a son a few years older than me.  The little jerk told me if I held more than six rolly-pollies I would die.  I.  Flipped.  Out.  Of course, because what seven year old can resist a bug that turns into a toy?

3.  I may or may not be involved in a stealth operation to be carried out tonight that involves "borrowing" wild flowers off the side of the highway.

4.  I don't mind my own business.  Everyone else's is much more interesting.

5.  My middle name is Jo, so one of the football players on my high school's team would call me Josephina Dina.  A football player who was also able to come up with Slick Rick.

6.  Good Morning America makes me cry.  Darn you Robin Roberts and your courageous humanitarian efforts.

7.  I am so tired I could spit.

8.  But it would probably come out more like drool.

9.  Our dog chewed a hole in our new rug.  He has been shipped off to military school.

10. My mom turns 50 in September.  So my sisters, dad and I planned a surprise party for her the Sunday before the big day...and then we told her about it.

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