Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Resolutions

As you know, Fridays are my time to confess the embarrassing and stupid.  I feel the need to leave you with frightening pictures of me walking around town with m'zipper wide open (which I still manage to do at least once a week, like yesterday). 

But this is not the time for frightening or embarrassing or self-deprecating.  This is the last post on the last day of the year, people.  I want to leave you with something hopeful.  Something up-lifting.  Something glass-is-half-full-if-I-can-just-do-all-these-dang-things.

So, without further ado, my 2011 Resolutions:

1.  Train for the triathlon in June.

But let's not get crazy here.  The mini triathlon that is manageable for drowners like me.

2.  Break my addiction to carbs and brownies.

And not make "cheat" days "eat a box of brownie mix" days.

3.  Save up enough money for a down payment on the house I love. 

The same house Corey swears we are not buying.  More on that later.

4.  Convince Corey he loves the house too.

Using the powers of persuasion.  I know my sales techniques: "Hey Cor, let's have seven kids!!"  I really just want four.  See what I did there?  Four seems soooo much more manageable now after being compared to seven.

Sales seminar, TBD.

5.  Stop smoking.

Check.  I always throw this one in the mix so I can start the year off having already accomplished something.

6.  Hold Corey and myself to weekly date nights.

Otherwise I might forget what he looks like.

7.  Leave the workforce to raise four kids, wear a frilly apron, and cook homemade pot pies.

You have to throw in one impossible dream even if Sarah Palin will call you a Neanderthall for it.

8.  Finish reading my Bible already.

Sheesh, I started in January and am only at Jeremiah, for goodness sake. (that's barely halfway)  But honestly, I don't know how many more ways God can warn the Israelites the Babylonians are coming.

9.  Find a charity and offer up my services.

These are my available resources: I can drive, I can read, I have a dog that is furry and licks a lot, I like children and grandparents, I am adaptable to warm temperatures, I know how to put together a spreadsheet, and I am not prone to peer pressure.

10.  Enter and win a pie eating contest.

This is a stretch.  But I really love pie.  And I'm pretty sure I could eat a whole one very quickly.  Actually, I just want a reason to eat an entire Mrs. Smith's raspberry pie without having to share.  Don't judge.


So, there we are.  Positive wishes for the start of the new year.  If 10 wasn't such a nice round number I would have added a #11: Follow through on all resolutions except for number seven because there really isn't a realistic way to have four kids by the end of the year unless I were to have twins and adopt twins or possibly have triplets and adopt a fourth or a number of other combinations.

But I digress.

Have a safe and happy New Year friends!

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