Monday, September 26, 2011

Birthday Wishes

Thursday, September 22 was my mom's birthday but I just did not have the time to paste her age all over the Internets...and I feel terrible!!

My family did, however, throw her a low-key party for which she cooked the entire meal.

(But the dessert was ruined so my dad and I threw together a last minute chocolate cake because in our household a birthday is not a birthday without a cake.  Just like a Friday is not a Friday without cinnamon rolls, and a Wednesday is not a Wednesday without chocolate chip cookies...but I digress.)

We're a small family, five Dina's plus two significant others, and when we all get together you can almost hear the neighbors shoving earplugs, cotton balls, fingers, toes, cat tails, hot dogs, and whatever else into their ears.

"It's those Dinas again.  Jeez Louise do they have a volume other than Earth Shattering?!?"

No, not usually....

Unfortunately, my parents do not keep a supply of candles in the house, so we had to settle for the "2" and "3" candles that were meant for Kimberlie's birthday in March for my mom's cake.

Which is actually appropriate: if you add the two numbers you get the first number in her new age, and then if you subtract the two you'd get the second number, that is, unless you subtract the 3 from the two giving you -1, which would make her 49, and if the first number is a 5 that just wouldn't work out....

She's 51 years old, for cryin' out loud.

51 and lookin' goooooood!

So happy belated blog birthday wishes mom!!

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Debbie said...

awe...gee..thanks honey. BTW, I love, love, love my present! Love Mom.