Friday, September 2, 2011

Its almost time to head to the Cape now that racing season is coming to an end....and what better way to get things started upon arrival...a WHALE WATCH!

There are only 4 days left of racing at the 2011 Saratoga Meet. How did 36 days go by that fast? It seems like just yesterday we were sitting inside Siro's on opening day toasting the meet. Wait...Keeneland is just around the corner, oh, everything is ok I guess.....and with the end of the meet also comes the beginning of football of Stacie's favorites. She has even showed an interest in fantasy football this year....a giant step in the right direction!

In just 14 short days, its off to Cape Cod...a nice relaxing ocean vacation to unwind.....the last 40 days of racing, and all the antics that came with it took its toll. Lobster, shrimp....mmm, I can taste it now....Moby Dick' we come!

So we go...Saratoga, to Cape Cod, to Keeneland....(in a later blog)

and then Mississippi....what??? Heck, bring on the Catfish

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Debbie said...

Best Catfish ever in Mississippi!!!!