Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. What temperature do you keep your thermostat on during the day?
Depends on who leaves last.  I like to conserve energy during the hours that we're not around and set it at 72-74.  Corey likes to come home to a chill in the air and has been known to set the 'stat at 64.

"Sorry Beetle, I didn't know I set it that low..."


2. What temperature do you keep your thermostat on at night?
Same as above, but at least now that it is much cooler at night we can agree to leave the windows open.

3. In a canister of mixed nuts, do you pick out certain varieties and leave the others?
I'm not a big fan of nuts.  If I'm forced to eat a nut I'd prefer a cashew or almond.  Walnuts, please, on my salads and in my oatmeal, an no peanuts anywhere around me....unless finely chopped in a McDonald's sundae.

4. What is your favorite kind of M&M?

I'm not consistent.

5. How do you buy books? (Amazon, bookstore, new, used, electronic, etc)
Our library has a book sale three times a year where I buy paperbacks for 50 cents and hard covers for $1.  I crawl under, over and through sweaty stink-pots for last year's new releases and it is soooo worth it.  But sometimes I do miss being able to browse without holding my sweatshirt sleeve to my nose...

6. How do you like your eggs cooked?
Over medium.  With a side of hash.

7. Can you whistle?
Yes, but I still cannot do the fingers-in-mouth-eardrum-piercing kind.  Mine comes out as a raspberry with extra spittle.

8. What common word do you always misspell?
Ridiculous, it has more to do with how I pronounce it: reeee-diculous.  Also, sheriff and squirrel. 

Which letter is doubled, again?!

9. Are you afraid of flying?
Oh mama's corn fritters, yes.  Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.  And I have a trip coming up...oh boy, I have a trip coming up.  We fly from Albany to Indiana, from Indiana to Mississippi, from Mississippi back to Albany, with about a dozen layovers in between.  I'm feeling tingly already...

10. How often do you go shopping?
For groceries: once a week.  For Stacie things: not nearly as much as I'd like.  Although I do sense a pair of shoes in my future.


Happy Tuesday!  Or Monday if you're like me and get completely thrown off by three-day-weekends.

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