Monday, September 5, 2011

Wrap Up: Hurricane Irene

You may have already noticed Corey and I made it through Hurricane Irene.  She wasn't as angry by the time she made her way aaaaallll the way up here, but there was still plenty of damage to speak of.

Luckily, there was no significant damage in our area.

Trees fell but managed to miss most of the power lines near us.  We were only without power for about three hours.

Three very long hours for Corey.  While I fired up a Youtube episode of Matlock, the poor guy could only pace back and forth, looking out windows and every now and then shouting "Hey did you see that?!"

My parents had some damage to clean up.  A dying birch tree they already wanted to take down did actually blow over.

Into their pool.

But I think they're still putting a check in the win column.

Unfortunately, though, the counties surrounding us are having some serious flooding.

Not our county.

Reporting live, this is Stacie Lucas with Channel 3 News.

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SSS said...

You Northerners are hilarious about any non-snow related weather event! =)